Beginners Guide To Creating A BluePrint In ZOHO CRM For Efficient Lead Conversion

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Lead generation is just half of the work if you're operating a business. After capturing high-quality leads, a business needs to convert them efficiently to maximize sales and revenue - and BluePrint in ZOHO CRM can help you with that.

What is a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM?

ZOHO CRM is a great tool for any business working on generating or processing leads. To build a ZOHO CRM customized per your business needs, you must design, create, and implement the right BluePrint in your ZOHO CRM setup.

With BluePrint in ZOHO CRM, you can lay out an efficient and proven process for maximum lead conversion. Then, when your agents are following the right steps, you can not only track the progress of each lead but also get vital metrics for making improvements and fixing gaps in your lead funnel.

How to use a ZOHO CRM BluePrint?

If you're a business owner or a sales leader, you would know the importance of getting a higher number of conversions or sales from existing leads. Creating and using a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM can help you with several things that will help your business achieve this:

● Planning and preparing strategies at every step of your lead conversion funnel. This includes replenishments, re-purchases, and re-targeting existing and missed customers.

● Ensuring implementation of the strategies at the end of every agent by helping in tracking the status of your leads.

● Automating various steps involved in lead conversion, such as checking, sending follow-up emails, and even updating the status of custom fields you can create for your leads in ZOHO CRM.

Advantages of using BluePrint in ZOHO CRM

● It helps in outlining the process your business follows for lead conversion.

● Data and metrics derived from creating a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM can be used to tweak and improve the lead conversion process.

● The guided process in ZOHO CRM makes the lead conversion and tracking process much easier for your agents/salespersons.

● It also helps you generate a rough estimate of workflows for better planning of overall business operations.

● You can allocate different teams for each set of tasks associated with your lead conversion process.

● Automating routine actions through a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM will help your business operate efficiently while reducing costs.

Five easy steps to set up BluePrint in ZOHO CRM

Setting up a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM is easy, even if you're using it for the first time. You can follow the below steps to ensure your ZOHO CRM setup is easy, quick, and efficient.

#1 Designing a ZOHO CRM BluePrint

To design and implement your BluePrint in ZOHO CRM, click on "Setup," followed by "Automation," then "BluePrint." First, however, you will need to understand the following three steps:

Enter basic information about the modules, layouts, and fields you will work in. There are several preset options available. You just need to choose from them as per what process you wish to automate through ZOHO CRM.

Design the process in your ZOHO CRM BluePrint. This is available in your ZOHO CRM BluePrint Editor. The process will be based on the aim of using ZOHO CRM but will be broken down into designing the states and transitions in your lead conversion process.

Configure the transition settings of Before, During, and After as per your business workflows and processes. These actions and conditions define the automation steps undertaken per your ZOHO CRM BluePrint design.

#2 Components of a ZOHO CRM BluePrint

When designing a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM, you need to build the following two parts to ensure an efficient implementation of how you wish to process your leads:

State: The state defines the status of each lead. The current state is the stage where your lead is before conversion. When agents work on processing the leads, they can choose the state from which to pick leads. In this way, they can clarify the actions required for lead conversion. In addition, you can set up the flows between different states, which will be undertaken when predefined conditions are checked and fulfilled.

Transition: Transition is the change made in the state of your lead based on a set of conditions or criteria. You can add/define the conditions, so your leads move smoothly and efficiently towards conversion. Transitions in ZOHO CRM can be divided into- Before, During, and After. Click on the Plus sign between two states in your ZOHO CRM to add a transition.

#3 Configuring transition settings

Each of the three settings in your ZOHO CRM setup needs to be configured per your lead conversion strategy and workflow management.

Before: This involves setting the conditions which will trigger different actions. For example, you can choose from conditions during all workflow stages, i.e., lead generating to closing or sale.

During: This involves checking different sets of information (e.g., fields) to take the necessary action. The fields can be related to closing dates, discount percentages, or even manually added data values or data sets.

After: This involves the automated actions or transitions undertaken at each step when the defined conditions are fulfilled - sending emails, making field updates, etc. You can determine these actions, such as closing, discount, etc., based on your chosen criteria. This will ensure that no mismatches with company or sales policies happen. Additionally, you can fine-tune the actions as per your lead conversion funnel so the right action is undertaken.

#4 Executing your ZOHO CRM BluePrint

ZOHO CRM will not only help you optimize lead conversions but also execute effective strategies to drive sales, replenishments, and dropoff reductions.

You can build follow-ups through a BluePrint in ZOHO CRM to ensure no lead conversion opportunity is missed. Moreover, your overall sales and orders can be managed through the ZOHO CRM BluePrint, which will thus help you create replenishment flows to re-target old leads and drive business growth with minimal manual efforts.

Another important part of implementing your ZOHO CRM BluePrint is training your agents. Your agents need to understand the working of the CRM to use it efficiently and effectively.

Only when your team is fully using your ZOHO CRM BluePrint can the advantages be utilized.

#5 Using BluePrint reports in ZOHO CRM

One of the additional advantages of ZOHO CRM is the detailed and graphic reports that your BluePrints generate. You can use your ZOHO CRM reports to find and fill gaps, analyze what is working and what is not, and even perform A/B tests in your sales strategy.

How to create an effective ZOHO CRM BluePrint

Finding strategies that work is crucial to the success of any potential sales pitch. Using BluePrints in ZOHO CRM can help you develop such a strategy and ensure its proper implementation through automation and agent actions.

When actions are planned, strategized, and overseen, a higher conversion rate will become easy to achieve. Automation through a good BluePrint design in ZOHO CRM will help you achieve huge cost reductions, thus resulting in higher revenue for your business. Plan out lead conversion strategies and ensure their implementation with a good design of BluePrint for your business in ZOHO CRM.

Integrate with other ZOHO products

Zoho has a huge range of CRM apps available in the marketplace. Therefore, it is advisable to integrate it with other products as well. It will help to add value and increase the efficiency of your business.

● Integrating it with other ZOHO products allows you to enable planning and tracking from a single place easily.

● Through the use of ZOHO reports, you will be able to track your data and report. As a result, the dashboard will allow you to create insightful information and report.

Data Enrichment

When using ZOHO, processing the data isn't the only thing you should do. You must implement the other factors to drive growth to stay ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, you must focus on data enrichment.

Some of the common tips that will help you with data enrichment include the following:

● On some of the pages, make it necessary to fill in the obligatory data.

● Create a formula that will allow you to enter more details regarding the ZOHO CRM.

● Create a formula that will allow you to enter more details regarding the ZOHO CRM.

● Finally, keep a check on the picklist to avoid any compilation errors.

Avoid Duplication in Leads

It is crucial to focus on small elements and prevent the risk of duplication in leads. Duplicate leads can affect your business negatively. When converting a lead into a potential contact, duplication can affect the efficiency of your business.

If there is an existing duplicate, you should consider merging the leads. If you fail to merge the leads, the number of duplicates will increase. Therefore, it is advisable to check frequently on the platform to prevent duplication.

Automate the process

Automating the process using workflow automation can prove to be extremely efficient. Removing the need to depend on people will play an important role in automating the workflow.

Workflow automation has immediate actions. It will help the organizations manage their business. When you have automation, you can focus on managing the business. You can automate many tasks such as email approval, record value changing, and submitting any record for approval.

Drive business growth with ZOHO CRM BluePrints

You might be implementing the right steps and strategies in your business - but it's also important to do it efficiently. For example, working in an offline model will require your agents to undertake, plan, and implement actions manually, leading to redundancies and shortcomings in workflows and lead conversions.

You can bring your workflows into an online CRM-based model such as ZOHO CRM. This will help you achieve automation to optimize existing lead conversion funnels and work out new lead conversion strategies that will ultimately help you cost-effectively drive sales and business growth.


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