A Quick Walkthrough On ERP Web Solutions For Remote Workforce Management

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Given the effects and after-effects of the pandemic, remote working has become normal. As a result, more and more employees, especially those in the IT sector, want to stay home and work. While that makes the workflow easy given the fact that everyone is connected digitally, the management is somehow finding it difficult to manage an extensive workforce regarding their attendance, working hours, leaves, accounts and a lot more.

This is where the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Web Solutions can come to the rescue. It is a cloud-based application that allows the management to set up a business module that enables ease of monitoring and managing the workforce and their activities.

What is Remote Workforce Management?

The application tracks employees' work hours, work timing and task progress · It helps in managing attendance, including absences, leaves and day offs. · Assists in assigning tasks, planning shifts and rostering.

· Handles the accounts such as billing, taxation and invoice generation

· Recruitment, onboarding, employee performance tracking (HRM module)

· Handling customer service details and relationship management

· Sends proposals, quotes, estimates

· Automation of email campaigning and promotions

· Inventory management – Inflow and outflow

· Creates reports

All of these and more can be customized depending on the organization's requirements.

While all of these are tasks that most organizations opt for, here is a detailed overview of what exactly ERP helps out with and how.

Monitors employee attendance

It has a comprehensive dashboard where the management can track, manage and monitor attendance details of the employees. The login and logout hours and the number of days they are present can all be controlled remotely through the ERM application. In addition, team leaders and managers can check the details of leave applications and accordingly approve or reject all with the help of this application.

Scheduling and planning tasks

The ERP assists best when it comes to scheduling tasks for employees and planning for the days to come. All of it is done virtually when the managers assign tasks and projects to the employees and accordingly monitor their progress. Managers can also create rosters, especially when there are options of changing shifts and monitoring the activities accordingly.

Monitoring employee performance

The cloud-based ERP application enables the management to monitor the employees' performance by automatically generating weekly or monthly reports. All of these are automated, with no one interfering with the results. Management or the managers accordingly take decisions for an appraisal without being biased or receiving a particular treatment. Since the employees have to put out everything in the open for all to see through ERP, one cannot escape from working and producing good results.


This is an extended module where different departments, such as sales, accounting, finance, HRM, project management, etc., can collaborate on a single platform to coordinate and work. Multiple functions take place from a single platform, which makes the management monitor and take necessary actions.

The Merits of a Workforce Management Application

The cloud-based application is a boon in disguise for several organizations where they can manage their employees remotely without looking out for physical monitoring measures. Here are some of the merits associated.

Ease of Work

The managers, and the employees, have ease of work when it comes to using the ERM for their daily tasks. Assigning work and communicating about its completion is done smoothly on a single platform. The employees' attendance and shift timings are maintained with no one having to physically put a signature or monitor employees by calling them.

It saves a lot of time

The platform helps in planning and conveying tasks without spending time writing things down and then letting the rest of the team know about them. Everything is taken care of automatically based on reports; that is how you save a lot of time. Physical work is reduced to up to 80%, giving more time to be productive. With just a click, you get to communicate, and things are taken care of.

Easy Performance Monitoring

When the virtual platform assigns work to an employee, they are expected to communicate the details once it is completed and when one cannot take care of what has been assigned. The attendance and the work timings are monitored, and based on all of it; the performance is monitored automatically. This allows the management to decide on increments, incentives and pay hikes. The Human Resource Management team can check punctuality and attendance sheets and accordingly manage the payrolls.

Convenient Customer Support

The ERP platform also allows organisations to have outstanding customer support where communication is easy. Customer service and communication are monitored well, along with helping with customer relations management. All of the details are retained in the ERP platform, and they can be accessed by the employees and managers when required.


The ERP solutions for remote workforce management are a gift to several organisations that once were confused about how they would manage their employees while everyone was working remotely. The ease of use and the time-saving opportunities it offers are commendable. Organisations like Absoft ensure that you have an ERP application that is customised just the way you find it easy to use. While removing complicated methodology and providing every employee and management access to the platform and using it without any hassle.

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