The Top 5 Zoho Products And Their Features

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What is Zoho?

Zoho is a benefactor of the prize-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providing solutions to various sectors of business. Its corporation is based in India. Zoho provides the most celebrated cloud-based software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is also a platform that provides many mobile applications such as presentations, word processing, Wikipedia, project management, and databases. Zoho companies operate in 3 dimensions: For information technology management, we have the Manage Engine. For the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), we have WebNMS, and finally, for online productivity, collaboration, and business applications, we have Zoho.com. The following are the top five Zoho products and their features:

1. Zoho CRM

2. Zoho People

3. Zoho Desk

4. Zoho Books

5. Zoho Projects

1. Zoho CRM

This is a Zoho product that works to make sure that the overall process of running a sales team is manageable for businesses. That is from following up the entry of automation and customization to assigning the results to the lead score. There is also the process of enabling customer follow-up, which has increased the sales volume, increased the conversion rates, and increased the traffic drive. Zoho CRM has extended its reliability to ensure that customers are served and given services that exceed their expectations. This has come with frequent changes in the way the Zoho CRM runs and works to promote efficient and precise customer service management.

Zoho CRM Features

• Lead management: Reliable Lead management

It provides businesses with lead management that is accessible and cost-effective for their customers and businesses.

• Optimization of social network exercise

Customers have made the best use of social media platforms thanks to Zoho CRM.

• Visualized data access

The Zoho CRM has come up with present-time data that has assisted the customers and users to understand what they are doing.

• Steadfast mobile applications

Zoho CRM is reliable for use on mobile phones, and one can communicate clearly through it.

2. Zoho People

A Zoho person is human resource software that is cloud-based. Its main purpose is to develop the skills of the employees, enable them to easily adapt to the work system, and rebuild their talents, building the strongest and most professional workforce while maintaining experience growth. This has allowed companies that use Zoho people to grow faster and establish a workforce that performs quality and recommendable tasks for their clients.

Zoho People characteristics

• Outstanding launching characteristics

The efficiency of launching the Zoho People service is good and presentable, which has enabled good growth.

• An easy-to-use self-service portal

The Zoho people are providing a portal that a user can use without much experience.

• Employee notifications, which are computerized,

The Zoho people present the company with employee notification in case of any communication.

• Converged Multi-HR Platform

With Zoho People, you can manage all the HR activities in one place.

• An improvised management system for learning

It provides the employees with more room and space to learn and gain more experience.

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a well-known Zoho product that assists businesses with providing high-quality assistance and support to their customers. Client productivity is boosted, and this will assist the businesses to gain more volume sales and increase their leads. With Zoho Desk, the business can make products and provide services that are of high quality and provide the customers with well-organized services.

Zoho Desk Features

• It contains dynamic analytics and feedback

Zoho Desk comes with dynamic analytics and reports, which have helped companies track their progress.

• Client satisfaction

The Zoho desk makes sure that the customers are served accordingly and their needs are efficiently fulfilled.

• Software that allows call center service

With Zoho Desk, one can make calls and contact the company and receive immediate responses.

• Multi-department

With one side and a tool, you can be able to control various departments in one place, hence helping minimize the cost of the workforce

• Social media is easily accessible

Zoho Desk enables users to post their services on social media platforms. This has promoted increased sales and the growth of the business.

4. Zoho Books

This is a Zoho product that enables users to make financial solutions through an online form. It is used for banking, payment of bills, inventories, and invoices. It assists both small and big enterprises to organize their financial management in a better way. It is the best service since it can be used in a friendly way that does not put pressure on the users. After making the financial solutions, we can generate the reports

Zoho Books Feature

• Multi-currency assistance​

A Zoho book can provide financial solutions in various currencies, which enables users from various places to use them.

• Quick insights through the dashboards

The feedback from the reviews that the users leave on dashboards helps in making insightful feedback and helps achieve recommendable progress.

• Faster reconciliation through integration

A Zoho book is well known to be integrated with other Zoho products to give very important results. This has helped reduce the cost of workflows.

• Multi-user experience:

The Zoho Book is a service that enables users with all levels of experience, thus ensuring equality in usage.

• A client portal

A self-serve portal is one way Zoho Books provides a portal that allows customers and users to self-serve themselves. This has increased the efficiency of business work.

5. Zoho Project

This is a platform that provides the users and customers with experience in project management. The Zoho project provides businesses with an opportunity to finish their project tasks on a timely basis and with the needed quality. It also adds up to the minimization of the project cost.

The Zoho Project Features

• Reports and charts

The Zoho project can provide well-planned reports and charts that are used for project monitoring and evaluation.

• Team productivity

With the Zoho project, you can maximize the productivity of your employees.

• Integration

The Zoho Project integrates well with other applications and Zoho products to provide quality and productive results.

• Sharing of knowledge

It gives the users an opportunity to learn new things and provides extensive knowledge on how to integrate with other applications to increase the project's sustainability.

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