What Are The Most Popular ZOHO CRM Integrations Of 2024

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Given the day and age of our existence, automatic results aren't just from the washing machines we use is supposed to be everywhere, especially when there is much work to complete with less time. However, with AI (Artificial Intelligence) almost conquering the world, most businesses still lag because of the multiple manual works involved in making it a success. Whether it is marketing, retaining customers, customer support, or even data analysis, all this can be automated with ZOHO CRM integrations.

Reasons to opt for ZOHO CRM Integrations

Why are we talking about automating customer relations? Here are a few reasons that support the idea, and you wouldn't be disappointed.

a. It's quick and cheap

Imagine retrieving data and leads within minutes instead of the days that manual efforts take. Isn't ZOHO customer relation management software a better option where you do not have to recruit multiple employees to do a job that a digital tool can help you in minutes? So you save up on money as well as time.

b. Accurate results

Whether it is maintaining records such as purchase records, demographics, or even archived messages, it is difficult for a human brain to process a lot of information at once. Despite being good at their job, there are times when businesses run at a loss due to a manual error. Digital tools such as Customer Relation Management software that automates your business is created to be accurate with zero errors.

c. Better decision making

Manual decision-making in a business often leads to losses and risks, especially when only one person is assigned to make decisions. Moreover, they do so with the experience he has without looking into other perspectives. With automation, informed decisions are taken based on actual data and the present scenario.

d. Employee development

Most employees end up stuck to the same old work routine day in and out, making it tiresome. In addition, they do not get the opportunity to learn anything new. However, with the presence of ZOHO CRM integration, things get better where they explore better options within your business and sometimes make them contribute to improving the business.

e. You are at par with the world

With the same old tasks taking place daily, there is no place for expansion. With the initiation of CRM integration easing a lot of manual work, you can watch your business grow daily while adapting to the world and how they run their businesses. If not in a day, you can always double your profits over a year

ZOHO CRM Integrations that are trending in 2024

While there are multiple developers, ZOHO stands out as the most preferred service provider to several companies across the globe. Customisable solutions like sales enablement, process management, analytics, automation, and multiple other services allow organisations to build good customer relationships. With several businesses, both startups and well-established ones, the integrations have been well accepted and are trending this year. Multiple ZOHO CRM integrations are popular, and here are a few that you need to know.

● Leadfeeder

When you have a website, it is essential to know who visits it. ZOHO's Leadfeeder lets you know their interests, choices, age, and what made them come to your website. This gives your team an insight into what is expected of your website and whether you are being able to fulfil the requirements or not. It also helps in improving the website and accordingly makes it worthy of visiting.

● Zoho Sign

It could be about acquiring a signature from a new employee or an existing client in a contract or any other document; Zoho Sign helps you get the same digitally. It helps you send the documents to contacts directly from your CRM and allows them to sign without any manual intervention. This turns out to be a time saver.

● Zoho Bookings

This is a simple virtual scheduler where you get to book meetings, appointments, etc., while accessing your calendar and syncing the same with the rest of your team members. In addition, new customers can be added to the contacts of your ZOHO CRM and thus giving you ease of work when you plan to schedule appointments or meetings in the near future.

● WhatsApp Web

Not always can you call your customers or your prospective leads, and there are times when you have to send a quick message with an attachment. That is when this WhatsApp Web integration comes to your aid when you initiate the WhatsApp messages to the Zoho CRM. This process also allows you to look into the message history through the CRM and manage your communication with customers and prospective clients accordingly.

● SMS-Magic

Considered one of the oldest forms of communication through a CRM, the SMS-Magic integration allows you to communicate with your customers on the go. You could be anywhere to access the team’s database through ZOHO CRM and send messages to your customers. A quick procedure doesn’t require you to put effort into typing details for one and all. A prefilled template helps you ease the process.

● Outgrow

To enable your marketing team with tools that allow them to be a step closer to the customers, assistance in the form of suggestions, polls, chatbots, surveys, and quizzes are provided. All of these can be customised according to your requirements, and Outgrow goes out of the way to make things simple. Furthermore, all of these data are stored well to ensure that you can access them in the future and generate leads.

● Zoho ShowTime

There are times when you may need to provide training to your existing customers and prospects about your products and services or anything else related to your business. That is when ZOHO ShowTime can help you. You can directly access them through the CRM without having to manually invite or add people to the sessions. Along with that, you can export your customers’ data to the CRM, pick on those interested in your training and build a better relationship with genuine ones.

● Zoho Contracts

Signing and renewing contracts digitally can be painstaking at times, but with ZOHO Contracts, life improves. Whether it is having to create a new contract, update an existing one, or allow legal teams to access existing contracts, all of it stays under the ZOHO CRM. In addition, there are existing templates available, and you can modify the terms and conditions or any other write-up depending on your business type.

● SMS Smooth Messenger

Research once said that an ordinary man receives multiple promotional emails daily but not messages. So, the quickest way to reach a prospect is to send an SMS. That is when SMS Smooth Messenger comes to your rescue. Being a trusted CRM platform through which you can send SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages, this can be the right thing for your business. There are multiple templates to choose from, which you can send to your contacts, automatic drip message campaigns, and hassle-free appointment reminders.

● Facebook Advert Manager

When you run Facebook advertisements to gather prospective customers, you often have to manually add the details to the CRM and then work on it. With the Facebook Advert Manager in place, you do not have to deal with manual tasks. The integration is made to automatically retain information from your advertisements and campaigns to your ZOHO CRM. This helps in gauging the success of your promotions from your CRM itself.

● ClickSend SMS

When you communicate with your customers through messages and often expect a reply, the ClickSend SMS integration can assist you ideally. You do not have to log in to your ClickSend platform to send messages and can do the same through your ZOHO CRM. You can directly send messages to the contacts in the CRM individually or in bulk to up to twenty customers.

● Map Plotter

When running advertisements and campaigns, getting to know the geographical location of your customers and leads in Zoho CRM makes it an easy job, especially when you have a location-based task. With the help of Bing Map or Google Maps, Map Plotter allows you access to your prospects' locations. You also receive an analytic review of how your business performs in different geographical areas.

● Outgrow

To enable your marketing team with tools that allow them to be a step closer to the customers, assistance in the form of suggestions, polls, chatbots, surveys, and quizzes is provided. All of these can be customised according to your requirements, and Outgrow goes out of the way to make things simple. Furthermore, all of these data are stored well to ensure that you can access them in the future and generate leads.

● Mailchimp

Syncing your Mailchimp campaigns with the ZOHO CRM account gives you access to notifications where you get to know of a new subscriber or someone who has removed themselves from the list. When you move your CRM contacts to Mailchimp, you get to send existing subscribers mail alerts with campaigns you run from time to time. The collaboration of Mailchimp and ZOHO allows you to access your loyal clients.

● Zendesk

It is believed that the sales and customer support team is the face of an organisation, and when you have the right team that receives training and tools, the relationship with your clients stays firm. Zendesk is a tool that helps you manage conversations and interactions with prospective and existing clients. Your sales team gets an excellent overview which helps them analyse and plan their next step to grow your client base.

● CloudTalk

If yours is an organisation that focuses on online business, is a tech startup, or is an SME, this software can help you make the best customer relations. CloudTalk is an intelligent call centre support system that has excellent call centre features and also allows you to access International numbers from almost 70 countries.

● WorkDrive by Zoho

If you have a WorkDrive account and store documents and files virtually, the ZOHO CRM allows you to access the files directly through the software and not go to WorkDrive repeatedly. This makes it easy for your team to work, especially when they have to look into multiple tools while accessing files and folders.

● Shopify

If you have an online business store on Shopify, you can easily sync it to ZOHO CRM. As a result, your contacts get synced perfectly, allowing you to track their preferences, expenditure, and purchase patterns.


While businesses are meant to make profits, slowing down isn't something you would want for it. With our lives becoming fast-paced, manual time-consuming work is no longer acceptable. Automating work processes and ensuring that you get flawless results is why ZOHO CRM software is created. With Customer Relation Management tools at your service at affordable rates, why not watch your business grow and make profits?

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