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Whenever you start a business, the sole motive is to earn profits, but when you do not have the proper support from your customers/clients, it is all worthless. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be your prime concern because that is what pushes you to do better and make more profits.

While there are multiple aspects to pay heed to, the ZOHO CRM Plus takes care of your customers. It is a package that is made to understand peoples’ requirements, the change in demands, as well as the market trends. As a result, your internal team gets a clear picture of what needs to be done (good or bad, depending on customer feedback) while allowing them to handle customers smoothly.

With ZOHO CRM Plus as a part of your business, here is a quick overview of how it can transform your customer relations with time.

● The package lets you connect to your customers through social media platforms, live chat options, email, surveys, and calls.

● The data that it retrieves is converted to information that you can work upon

● ZOHO CRM Plus allows automation of multiple activities, making work a lot easier for your team.

While multiple businesses across the globe are adapting this integration, here are the top things you need to know about ZOHO CRM Plus.

1. Customer interactions through multiple channels

The ZOHO CRM Plus is an interactive dashboard that gives you an overview of the marketing strategies that you put across for your customers. You get to know what is working and what isn’t, giving you a chance to rectify or improve things. If you are one of those companies using ZOHO products to ease your work process, this package keeps all of them together to give you a comprehensive overview of what is happening with your business and how things can improve. In addition, you get to stay in touch with your team members, especially those who work in sync to enhance your customer experience. It also allows you to work together to resolve issues or identify anything that can increase profits.

2. Better customer interaction

Whether a large business or a startup, you have likely assigned different teams to handle tasks such as sales, customer service, marketing, etc. The ZOHO CRM Plus is a common platform where every team can access the business's functionality. Whether it is customer interactions or any other ZOHO product that is put to use, it is easily accessible. This ensures that there is no overlapping of tasks or even missing out on essential interactions. In addition, all teams can keep a close eye on and ensure things are in place without disrupting smooth customer interactions.

3. Artificial Intelligence for smooth business operations

In the present times, people are used to voicing interactions, be it with their mobile phones or smart home features. ZOHO CRM Plus has its own AI-based voice interactive tool named Zia that is known to capture information such as statistics, data trends, and predictions. Your team members can easily communicate with each other through Zia. This allows for quick and smooth work and the creation of strategies within your team. All of this results in a good experience for your customers where they would be aware of trends and appreciate your business being at par with modern developments.

4. Better internal communication

While multiple departments are working together for your business, there may be times when work overlaps, especially when two or more teams are interconnected. With the ZOHO CRM Plus in place, you no longer have to worry about work overlapping or tasks being left undone. This platform allows your team to have a smooth workflow, follow reports on the performance of the publicity campaigns, and monitor analytics so that the decisions made are fruitful and at par with the latest trends. This results in a centralised internal process where every team member is focused on making the business better while interacting with customers smoothly.

The ZOHO CRM Plus has two primary web applications that allow the entire process to be a cakewalk. Here is an in-depth analysis that allows you to understand how the application works.

5. SalesIQ – Visitors become prospective customers

ZOHO CRM Plus allows you to track and engage visitors to your business website and turn them into prospective customers who may find interest in your business and what you have to offer. All of this takes place through SalesIQ that –

● Locates your visitors through GPS

● Allows you to track visitors’ footprints

● Customises chat services

● Translates chat

● Identifies new and old visitors

● Initiates interactive email services

Apart from all of these, SalesIQ, when integrated with Google Analytics, allows you to track visitors and their interests. You get reports on whether your campaigns are working or whether they need more attention. Whether you have an e-commerce business or any other similar business, SalesIQ by ZOHO CRM Plus is perfect for you.

6. ZOHO Desk

This is an application that is known to make customer support and interaction easy. With ZOHO Desk, your help centre makes customers self-sufficient, where you can put up articles that answer frequent and commonly asked queries. It also helps you with an automated chatbot named Zia that interacts with customers while trying to find out about the initial problem, putting across solutions, and later diverting the query to the concerned department if things don’t get resolved.


Customers are the priority for all businesses. They are the ones who can make or break your pace, and for that, a good CRM is what you need. The ZOHO CRM Plus is just as perfect. It allows you to track your customer interactions and allows other ZOHO integrations to work on par with everything else.

You do not just have a good customer relationship but also good internal communication. It can improve work speed and prevent overlapping or lagging of essential interactions. When you get to know about what your customers are interested in, know of prospective customers by understanding their choices; only then can you create campaigns and improve strategies.

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