The Future of HR is Here: Zoho HRMS Advanced Features and Best Practices for Peak Performance

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”These words from PeterDrucker date back to 2006, but still make goal-oriented businesses like yours contemplate whetheryou are feeding your workplace culture what it really takes.

You will be available with a brilliant strategy and exemplary services. Yet, something might be holding your company back. Is it the bland company culture or colorless HRM strategy??

63% of employees (Eagle Hill Consulting) agree that a thriving company culture can strengthen them and fuel peak performance. But how do you cultivate that? The answer lies in a powerful HR solution: Zoho HRMS.

Let’s see how Zoho People, the HRM Software of Zoho with its Advanced Features and Best Practices will unlock the full potential of your workforce.

1. Stuck in the HR Chaos!

When it comes to busy agencies, business owners, and companies in fast-paced industries like healthcare and financial services, maintaining a winning workforce culture in a rapidly changing world of work could feel like an afterthought. 

But, it is crucial for your company to understand that your employees are the very foundation upon which your success rests. They are the ones putting in the tireless effort and dedication to achieve your company’s goals.

You might be struggling with:

  • Payroll, benefits, leave requests, and a mountain of administrative tasks that suck up valuable time.
  • Disengaged employees who are less productive and more likely to leave.
  • Equipping your team with the latest skills and resources.
  •  Finding top talent.
  • Supporting employee well-being

Switch to Zoho People, the comprehensive solution that tackles all these andstreamlines your HR processes, empowering and motivating your employees, and cultivating a company culture going strong!

 2. Why Upgrade Your HR Management to Zoho HRMS?

  • Done with HR headaches?: Zoho People streamlines your HR processes, bringing everything under one roof. Break free from handling multiple systems. Manage on-boarding, leave requests, performance reviews, time logs, attendance, and scheduling from a unified, user-oriented platform.
  • One Click, One Happy Team: Manage your entire organization with a centralized, secure employee database. Add, update, and access employee information with ease. Reward? Your valuable time and more resources!
  • Effortless Leave Management, Every time: Create custom leave types, automate approvals, and track leave balances across departments. Thus, from sick day to a well-deserved vacation, manage leave easily and keep your payroll on track.
  • Keep Your Team’s Potential High: In this era of personal recognition boosting productivity, set clear goals and track performance with ease using evaluation modules like KRA and Goals and customize your appraisal cycle. Motivate your employees with personalized feedback and reward systems, keeping everyone engaged and focused on the path to success.
  • Data-Driven Reports: Whether its sales data or employee turnover, generate reports on everything, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that move your business forward.
  • Build a Trained Workforce: Create and manage training programs with the built-in Learning Management System (LMS), track employee progress, and build a culture of updated knowledge in your workforce.
  • Simplify Communication: Centralize employee inquiries and track resolutions with the Case Management system, ensuring productive communication and improved HR response times.
  • Organize Documents: Store, organize, and securely share all HR documents, from offer letters to company policies, in the centralized File Cabinet. Additionally, integrate with popular e-signature services for a flawless signing process.
Zoho Inventory Services

3. Advanced Features: The Secret Sauce to a Winning Workforce

I. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Customization and Automation in a Class of its Own

Keeping pace with endless forms, manual data entry, and repetitive tasks is real struggle when you have more growth plans and strategies to work on.

Zoho People is here to personalize your HR experience. Build custom forms with drag-and-drop ease, set validation rules to ensure accurate data capture, and automate repetitive tasks with intelligent workflows and custom applications.

So you don’t have to worry if you don’t see the specific report you need! This level of flexibility ensures you have the data you need to make informed decisions for every aspect of your HR strategy.

II. Your Decisions will also be smarter now with HR Analytics

Guesswork no longer should underpin your business decisions. HR Analytics is an advanced feature that automatically crunches numbers and real data to generate insightful reports, giving you a clear view of:

  1. Performance: Track individual and team performance metrics.
  2. Workforce Trends: Identify patterns in hiring, attrition, and employee demographics.
  3. What more?: Gain insights into attendance, project progress, and more.

These add to the benefit of extracting informed decisions tailored for everyone at all levels of your organization:

  • Executives: Stay on top of business trends with reports on hiring, diversity, and headcount.
  • Managers: Make informed decisions about team performance, resource allocation, and project progress.
  • Employees: Access personalized reports on their time management, performance, and goals.

Don’t miss out on the Best Practice of Integrating Zoho People with your go-to apps

Zoho People doesn’t just operate as a standalone unit! It integrates with a number of Zoho and third-party applications, improving your workflow and boosting efficiency.

a) Integration with Zoho Business Analytics Services:

The Zoho People and Zoho Business Analytics Services integration forms a powerhouse combo that delivers in-depth analytics across every facet of your business, empowering you to:

  • See the Big Picture: Gain a macro-level understanding of your workforce and its impact on the organization.
  • Dive Deeper: Analyze micro-trends within departments, locations, and individual employees.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Empower every team with actionable insights for improved performance by drilling deep into your workforce metrics.
  • Pre-built Reports to Rescue: Analyze everything from department-level attrition to project efficiency with pre-built reports on employee turnover, hiring vs attrition, time logs, growth rates, task completion, and even detailed employee profiles.

b) Integration with Zoho Payroll Services:

Payroll processing could also be effortless, accurate, and even stress-free! The dynamic duo of Zoho People and Zoho Payroll throws out the toil of manual data entry and ensures flawless communication between your HR and payroll systems.

Here’s what you get:

  • Effortless Integration: Employee details automatically sync between Zoho People and Zoho Payroll, saving you time and reducing errors.
  • Accurate and Compliant: Keep pace with local regulations and ensure accurate paychecks with built-in compliance features.
  • Employee Self-Service: Strengthen your workforce with access to payslips, benefits, and reimbursement claims, all in one place.

Simplified Exit Procedures: Detangle the process for departing employees with automated final payments and leave encashment.

Zoho Business Analytics Services

Beyond HRM, Analytics, and Payroll

It’s great that you have won over the headaches that come with HRM, Analytics, and Payroll with Zoho People and the best practice of utilizing powerful integrations! But what about the challenges of inventory management? Manual stock tracking, tax compliance, order fulfillment complexities, and real-time visibility may hurt.

Introducing Zoho Inventory Services: Tackling these issues head-on by providing a centralized solution for all your inventory needs.

●  GST? Zoho Inventory has Got Your Back:
  • Save Those Precious Hours: Zoho Inventory stores yours and your partners’ numbers, ensuring accurate calculations.
  • Paperwork? Nope, Let’s Automate That: Invoices, bills, orders automatically includes GSTINs in all your documents, eliminating manual work and potential errors.
●       What makes Zoho Inventory a Complete Inventory Command Center:
  1. One Platform, Endless Possibilities: Manage sales, purchases, invoices, payments, and even track shipments. Effortless order management keeps your deliveries on track and customers happy.
  2. Warehouse Control Made Smoother: Zoho Inventory gives you centralized control over your entire stock. Track movements, transfer items, and generate detailed reports for each location.
  3. Scan Your Way to Efficiency: Zoho Inventory loves Barcode scanners! Streamline data entry by scanning SKUs, serial numbers, and items directly into your orders.
  4. Integration Powerhouse: Expand your reach with integrations to popular platforms like Shopify, Zoho CRM, and payment gateways. Connect your inventory error-free to your sales channels, accounting software, and payment methods.
  5. Every Item, Tracked Accurately: Zoho Inventory keeps tabs on spare parts, saleable items, and even expiry dates with its powerful serial and batch tracking features.

Sign up to try it out and know in detail- it’s free!


The digital transformation of HR demands innovative solutions. Zoho HRMS delivers a powerful HRMS platform packed with advanced features designed to empower your company culture. By automating mundane tasks and offering many more advanced features, Zoho HRMS turns the focus of your HR team towards building, managing, and motivating a happy, productive, and engaged workforce.

Don’t settle for the ordinary! Elevate your HR practices, streamline real HR processes, and focus on strategic initiatives and talent development, to make your team ready to meet the demands of the futuristic workplace. Experience the Difference Unfolding in your Workplace Try Zoho HRMS!

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