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Streamlining HR Processes with HRMS Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

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Streamlining HR Processes with HRMS Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

While several underestimate the Human Resources Department having the least amount of work in the organisation, theirs is the work that demands efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making skills.

All of these have been an extensive task for them all this while, with the launch of Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) automation—things have changed for good. The process has been designed to simplify the HR processes and promote workforce management. Today, let’s explore the latest trends and the influence of HRMS automation, helping you with insights and real-time statistics demonstrating impact on organisations worldwide. ​

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The Evolution of HRMS Automation

Since the beginning of time, HR departments have been delegated manual tasks, such as maintaining employee payroll, managing employee records, keeping track of attendance and performance evaluations. A recent survey by Deloitte stated that organisations that have adopted HRMS automation experienced a 22% increase in HR efficiency and a 33% reduction in payroll errors. The centralized platform that includes all HR-related activities has make life easy for good.

Cloud-Based HRMS: Remote Access

Given the pandemic and after effects on the work structure, remote work has become a trend. Even post-pandemic, multiple organizations still allow remote working. This is where the automated HRMS helps in having access anytime and anywhere. Teams stay connected without having to be physically available.

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Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

HRMS Automation is backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) now and will evolve in the days to come. With analytics and AI working together, there is a revolution in the decision-making structure where one gets data driven recommendations and an insight into what the future holds. This allows in strategic planning and employee management.

Employee Self-Service Portals

A while ago, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) stated that companies with ESS portals reported a 30% reduction in HR administrative tasks. The reason being that employees can access the HRMS and take charge of their payroll, modification of personal information and several other tasks which doesn’t need the HR team’s intervention anymore. This way, the HR team gets to focus on other important tasks and work towards a successful organisation.

Recruitment Automation

Recruitment is a critical aspect for the HR department, and with automation coming on board, things have become a lot easier. Right from screening resumes to scheduling interviews and even taking care of post selection tasks like sending across offer letters, etc. things have become a lot smoother than before. A study by LinkedIn found that 67% of talent professionals agree that AI-driven tools help save time in the hiring process.

Compliance Automation: Being At Par With Rules

With the ever changing labor laws, there are times when HR professionals aren’t aware of its details. It leads to miscommunication and often penalties and legal issues. With HRMS Automation, all relevant rules and laws are updated helping the HR teams to understand things better and accordingly put them to use. This way, they stay away from legal complexities and the employees are equally satisfied.


As most businesses worldwide adapt to the dynamics of the workforce, the role of HRMS automation has become an essential. The latest trends in HRMS provides effective solutions that improves efficiency, encourage employee empowerment, and allow strategic decision-making. Real-time statistics state the positive impact of HRMS automation and how it has made work smooth and streamlined. Adopting HRMS automation isn’t just being trendy. It’s something that will transform the way your business functions and will take shape in the days to come.

While businesses want to be on the top and have the best employees as a part of their team, HRMS automation is something that is here to stay and help bring about success. Schedule a call with us at Absoft, and we will surely help you address your fall outs and bring a new aged success in you HRMS workforce!

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