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Improve HR Management: Leveraging Zoho People and Zoho Recruit for Streamlined Processes

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From recruiting human resources, training them, regularly monitoring their performance, motivating them, handling routine administrative tasks, to managing employee payroll, HR teams are often stretched to their limits. The pandemic further accentuated this stretch. With hybrid work becoming the norm, greater flexibility, access to wider talent pools, etc have created several challenges too. These challenges result in:

  • High employee turnover
  • Prolonged recruitment cycles
  • Decreased overall productivity

Consider this: 83% of HR leaders believe their workload has increased since the pandemic. (Gartner) What is the solution?

Organisations should embrace advanced HR technology, leveraging it to make more impactful contributions, and ultimately maximising business value. As per a Gartner 2024 report, less than 24% of HR employees believe that their organisations are leveraging HR technology to the maximum.  The report further points out that two out of three executives believe if they do not leverage HR technology better, the effectiveness of HR function will decrease.

This is where advanced HRMS softwares like Zoho People and Zoho Recruit step in as allies to overwhelmed HR teams. In this blog, we will help you understand how you can utilise Zoho People and Zoho Recruitment to improve and streamline your HR management processes.

Understanding Zoho People

Zoho People is a popular human resource management software. It provides businesses with a unified platform that can help them manage all HR processes. From one centralised location, all employee data can be managed.

And the best part? A good internet connection and a Zoho account is all you need to leverage Zoho People.

Here is why you should be switching to Zoho People integration:

1.    Onboard Employees with Ease

Employee Onboarding is a cumbersome process. But not so with Zoho People. You can create customisable workflows, automate the assignment of tasks, and manage all the documents efficiently with Zoho People.

Say goodbye to onboarding headaches!

2.    Tracking Attendance Simplified

For any organisation it is crucial to track their employee’s attendance. When do employees start working, when they take time off and also the management of leaves are time-consuming activities often bridled with inefficiencies. But with Zoho People, you can easily track all these metrics using biometric identification. And the interface is incredibly user-friendly!

Keep track without the hassle!

3.    Performance Management Streamlined

Performance management is a key HR activity to optimise employee productivity and achieve organisational goals. But it is a time-consuming as well as a sensitive activity. Zoho People simplifies this as you can set goals and track the performance of the employees easily.

Performance management made easy!

4.    Leave Management Simplified

Zoho People simplifies the leave management process by automating it. Employees can easily make their leave requests through their portal.  Employers can easily sanction them within the software.

Leave management, automated and efficient!

5.    Self-Service Portal

Zoho People has an individual portal for each employee. Employees can easily access any documents that they require, etc.

Employees Empowered!

Zoho People Integration

Zoho Recruit

As a cloud-based software, it simplifies the entire hiring process. From job posting, and managing application data to scheduling interviews, it handles all your tasks easily. No need to download resumes and clutter your desktop! Plus, Zoho Recruit brings everyone involved in the hiring process together on a single platform, including candidates, clients, and your awesome recruiting team.

Here is why you should be opting for Zoho Recruit Integration for your hiring processes:

1.    Database for Candidates

For managing applicant data, including resumes, contact details, and more, Zoho Recruit offers a single database.

All your candidates, one platform!

2.    Posting Jobs

Easily publish your job openings on a variety of job boards. The same openings can also be posted on social media sites.

Post once, leverage many!

3.    Screening and Filtering

These activities are simplified using the tools provided by Zoho Recruit based on a variety of factors, including education and experience.

Find the right fit effortlessly!

4.    Interview Scheduling

Easily schedule interviews and automatically send reminders to candidates about their appointments.

Interview scheduling simplified!

5.    Customizable Workflows

Zoho Recruit enables businesses to modify the hiring procedure to meet their unique requirements.

Tailor your hiring process!

6.    Analytics and Reporting

Organisations may analyse recruiting metrics and make data-driven choices with Zoho Recruit’s analytics and reporting solutions.Hire smarter with the right data!

Zoho Recruit Integration

Leveraging Zoho People Integration

Zoho People Integration means connecting Zoho People with Zoho Recruit. Follow these steps to ensure automated updates and smooth transitions for candidates who become employees or vendors.

1.     Begin by ensuring you have the required permissions. Only users with Zoho People Integration permission, typically available to the Administrator user profile, can configure this integration. You also need to be an Administrator in Zoho People.

2.     To enable the Zoho People integration, navigate to Setup > Marketplace > Zoho > Zoho People and activate the toggle.

3.     Next, map Zoho People fields to their corresponding sections in Zoho Recruit. This ensures accurate data transfer and alignment between the platforms. Navigate to Setup > Marketplace > Zoho > Zoho People, select a module, and map the fields. Click the Map Section to link Zoho Recruit sections to Zoho People. If you need to undo mapping, hover over the section and click Unmap, then save your changes.

4.     You can also move attachments from Recruit to People. While mapping fields, you’ll have the option to map fields with attachment categories in Zoho Recruit, allowing attachments to move automatically to Zoho People when you push to onboarding or convert to employee.

5.     To enable auto-push of applicant data, turn on the Automatically move candidates to Zoho People toggle. Choose the module (Employees or Onboarding) and the candidate status to trigger data movement, then click Update to save.

6.     Manual actions available in Zoho Recruit after integration include Convert as Employee and Push to Onboarding. For Convert as Employee, go to the candidate, click More Actions > Convert as Employee, select Create New Employee or Create New Contractor, and click Convert. The candidate’s details will populate based on field mapping, and they will be added to your Zoho People account.

7.     For Push to Onboarding, go to the candidate, click More Actions > Push to Onboarding, fill in or map fields if necessary, and click Convert.

Benefits of Zoho Integration

Wondering why you should integrate Zoho People and Zoho Recruit? Here is how it will benefit you:

1.    Hiring Managers

They gain efficiency as the entire recruitment process happens online in one place. This reduces the need to switch between platforms. They can swiftly convert successful candidates into employees or vendors, eliminating the need for manual data entry and accelerating the onboarding process.

One platform, boundless efficiency!

2.    Recruiters

Recruiters see increased productivity by automating hiring workflows. They can mark candidates as “hired” in Zoho Recruit, automatically updating their details to Zoho People. No paperwork or the need to manage multiple applications.

Recruitment redefined with automation!

3.    HR Teams

Zoho integration makes the process of onboarding an employee really easy. For eg. if a candidate is hired his status will change in Zoho Recruit. Because of the integration, their profile in Zoho People will be updated automatically. This ensures that they are given the necessary access rights and privileges. It also simplifies compliance management for both employees and vendors.

Onboard seamlessly, manage effortlessly!


Zoho People and Zoho Recruit are powerful human resource management tools that can significantly help overwhelmed HR teams. We have discussed the benefits of both these tools above. We have also discussed how to integrate Zoho Recruit and Zoho People so as to make the best of these tools.

Additionally, integrating Zoho Inventory Services ensures that new hires are well-equipped from day one. Still have doubts? Book a free demo with a reliable Zoho Integration Partner. Discover how Zoho can streamline your HR management processes, and give you a competitive edge.

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