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How to Sync Zoho CRM with Zoho Bookings for Optimal Performance

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Your sales funnel is filled with potential, yet leads vanish into a narrow tunnel of unanswered emails? Like the 75% businesses, you will have crafted the perfect pitch, sent several reminder emails, and manually sent video conferencing links. Yet, your precious deals might be hanging in uncertainty.

To tackle whatever might have gone wrong, the solution would be the game-changing duo: Zoho CRM and Zoho Bookings.

Why is it a game-changer?

Zoho CRM keeps your sales pipeline organized, and Zoho Bookings takes it a step further.

  • Zoho Bookings Integration with Zoho CRM allows leads to self-schedule appointments directly through a customizable booking page.
  • Zoho Bookings syncs with your calendar (think Google Calendar or Outlook) to manage your team’s availability.
  • Leads can browse available slots and book a meeting directly, with all the details automatically synced with both Zoho CRM and your calendar, reducing no-shows and double bookings.
  • You can schedule meetings directly from your CRM and automatically notify prospects – all within a single platform, without having to switch between apps or managing separate threads!
  • Zoho Bookings also sends automated email and SMS confirmations and reminders to ensure leads don’t miss their meetings.
  • The customer details such as appointment history and preferences stored in CRM through integration can be comprehensively used to deliver an optimal customer experience, thereby boosting the conversion rate.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of the scheduling shuffle and manual CRM data entry, and close more deals, welcome onboard!

Setting up Zoho Bookings and Zoho CRM integration

Step 1: Enable the Integration
  1. Open Settings in Zoho Bookings.
  2. On the left side, look for Integrations.
  3. Under Connections Available, find Zoho CRM and click it.
  4. Click Connect Zoho CRM. You will be directed to your CRM login page. Choose your organization and grant Bookings access to your CRM data.
Step 2: Configure the Integration (Optional)

Once connected, a new Configure tab might appear. This allows for further customization (you can skip this if you don’t need it). Here’s what you can do:

a) Configure your CRM Calendar (if needed for syncing):
  1. Click the three dots next to Zoho CRM and choose Configure.
  2. Under Check Conflicts with, select the CRM calendar you want to check for conflicts when booking appointments.
  3. Under Add Bookings to, choose the CRM calendar where appointments should be added.
b) Configure Field Mapping (to push booking info to CRM):
  • When someone, at any time, books an appointment, their crucial details (name, email, phone number, etc.) can be quickly and automatically added to your CRM. Here, you can match these booking details to specific fields in your CRM.
    • Default Fields: These include name, email, and phone number. You can map them to any CRM module (including custom modules).
      • Under Bookings default fields mapping, choose the CRM module where you want to store the customer info.
      • Select the corresponding CRM field from the dropdown menu next to each booking field (name, email, phone).
      • Mapping the Name Field: You can choose to push the name as a single field or split it into first and last name.
        • For a single name, choose the “Name” radio button and select the corresponding CRM field.
        • To split the name, choose the “First Name, Last Name” radio button and select the corresponding CRM fields.
    • Custom Fields: These are specific fields you might have added to certain services in Bookings. You can map these to the Meetings module in Zoho CRM (make sure these fields already exist in your CRM).

1. Under Custom field mapping, choose the service you want to map custom fields for from the dropdown menu.

2. The custom fields for that service will be listed. Select each custom field and choose the corresponding CRM field (Meetings module) from the dropdown next to it.

c) Booking Page Selection for Plugin (if using the Zoho Bookings plugin in CRM):

  1. Choose the booking page you want to open when clicking “New Appointment” in Zoho CRM. You can select any workspace, service, or staff booking page.


  • Changes in field mapping are saved automatically.

If you encounter an error message about mapping mandatory fields, make sure you’ve mapped all required fields in your chosen CRM module or remove the mandatory condition from your CRM (only three fields can be mandatory).

Zoho CRM Integration

Simpler Zoho Bookings Integration with Zoho CRM Contacts

Step 1: Enable the integration

Go to Settings in Zoho Bookings.

On the left side, find Integrations.

Look for Zoho CRM Contacts and click Enable.

Click Accept to give Zoho Bookings’ Deluge IN access to your Zoho account. You will need to be logged in to your CRM for this.

Step 2: Sync it Up!

After enabling the connection, check your CRM to see if your Zoho Bookings customers are listed as contacts. If they’re not showing up yet, just Refresh the page.

Now your Zoho Bookings customers are synced with your CRM contacts, and your CRM contacts are listed as customers in Bookings. Meaning appointment scheduling is easier than ever!

Auto-Create Deals with Zoho Bookings to Zoho CRM integration

The standard Zoho Bookings integration creates leads in CRM. However, we can leverage custom Deluge scripts within Bookings to automate deal creation for specific booking types, indicating pre-qualified prospects who bypass the Leads module. Kindly note that setting this up requires Deluge scripting expertise for customizing the criteria, source tag, and implementing error handling to avoid duplicate contacts.

The Deluge Script Approach:

  1. The script triggers upon booking creation and checks for specific criteria defining a pre-qualified booking (e.g., booking type, service category).

2. The script searches Zoho CRM for an existing contact matching the booking information (email, phone number).

  1. Conditional Contact & Deal Creation:
    o Existing Contact: If a match is found, the script skips further actions.
    o New Contact:
    ▪ A new contact record is created in CRM using the booking information.
    ▪ A new deal record is associated with the newly created contact.
  1. The script assigns a specific source tag like an expert pipeline rather than a traditional lead flow.
  • Streamlined sales cycle that focuses resources on high-value prospects.
  • Enhanced trackingthat reveals the conversion rate of bookings into deals.
Marketing Automation Integration

Beyond Zoho Bookings Integration

Streamlining your sales funnel is expedited not just by syncing Zoho CRM with Zoho Bookings.

You can also integrate your Zoho CRM with Zoho Marketing Automation to nurture leads and convert them into valuable customers. Don’t underestimate the power of marketing automation in driving your sales!!

Hers is a simple setup guide to help you get started:

  1. Go to Settings from the navigation bar.
  2. Under Integrations, select Apps.
  3. Locate Zoho CRM and click Connect.
  4. Choose My Account from the dropdown.
  5. Review the GDPR-compliant data activities (syncing CRM data, sharing email campaigns, tracking purchases, and member status updates).
  6. Click Continue to complete the integration.


It is high time that you set yourself and your business free from the struggles of boosting your sales, ranging from endless emails to find an agreeable meeting time to going above and beyond to convert leads.

Zoho’s integrations are right here, streamlining the entire process for you! Your lead engagement and ultimate conversion rates will only see an upward trajectory now!!

Start your free 15-day trial today if you haven’t explored our vast library of resources and make the most out of Zoho Bookings!! Leave a comment if you have any questions regarding Zoho Bookings and Zoho CRM integration in your industry.

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