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Spending 10+ working hours every month wrestling with invoices than focusing on billable hours? Don’t you think that’s a full workday spent on a task that could be automated?

Do you travel frequently and need an invoicing solution that’s accessible from anywhere?

Perhaps you offer customized discounts and worry about applying them accurately in your invoices?

You will surely be focused on delivering unparalleled service to your clients/customers. However, managing invoices can quickly consume all your valuable time. Not to mention when it is done manually.

So, here is the good news! This futuristic vision of streamlined invoicing is readily available with the power of Zoho Invoice Software for Business, addressing all these concerns and more.

Beyond saving you precious time, Zoho Invoice has benefits of its own that can significantly impact your bottom line.

PwC has reported that invoice processing errors are reduced by a whopping 90% when using automation software with even basic automation tools saving businesses 30-40% of the hours.

Not only that, invoice automation becomes a catalyst for improving customer relationships too. That translates to fewer headaches for you and happier clients who receive accurate invoices promptly.

Here is the guide that takes you through the power and ease of using Zoho Invoice!

Try manifesting the positive impact on your brand image when clients experience a smooth and efficient payment process and take a sneak-peek into how Zoho Invoice can transform your invoicing process into a streamlined system that saves you time and keeps your cash flow healthy.


Let our certified Zoho professionals guide you through implementation for a flawless experience with Zoho Invoice!


Effortless Invoicing & Smarter Transactions: How?


1.  Getting Started


Zoho Invoice is accessible on any device (computer, phone, etc.) with internet connection, and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) or the Zoho Invoice mobile app.


a)  Signing Up:
  1. Click “Sign Up For Free.”
  2. Enter your company name, email address, secure password, and business location.
  3. Click “Create Account.”
b)   Setting Up Your Organization:
  1. Enter your organization name, portal name, business address, currency, language, and time zone.
  2. Upload your business logo (optional).
  3. Click “Save.
c)  Signing In (if you already have an account):
  1. Click “SIGN IN” on the top right corner.
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Click “Sign In.”
  4. If you use two-factor authentication (TFA), enter the code from your phone and click ‘Verify Code.’

2.  Walkthrough


  1. Dashboard: Provides a real-time overview of key metrics like customer base, receivables, sales, expenses, top projects, and unbilled hours.
  2. Sidebar: Effortlessly switch between tasks like creating estimates, invoices, and recording expenses.
  3. Quick Create: Need an invoice fast? Create one with a single click from any page.
  4. Gear Icon: Configure and customize Zoho Invoice to perfectly match your business needs.
  5. Help: Confused? The Help Icon provides access to helpful documentation and connects you to the Zoho Invoice Support team.
  6. Notifications: Get updates on your customer portal, new features, and important activity within the app.
  7. Organizations: Multiple organizations accessed easily! Manage and switch between your Zoho Invoice organizations with ease.
  8. Recent Activity: Pick up where you left off andquickly access your most recently viewed transactions and contacts.
  9. Navigations: Zoho Invoice makes managing each section (estimates, invoices, etc.) intuitive:
  10. Filter by Specific Criteria: Find exactly what you need with powerful filters.
  11. Create Transactions within a finger-snap: Use the Creation Button to generate invoices, contacts, or items.
  12. Fine-Tune Your View: Sort by date, invoice number, and more using the Hamburger Icon.
  13. Take Action: Perform various actions on transactions with the Action Buttons.
  14. Expand Your Workspace: Collapse the sidebar for a more spacious view.


Zoho crm Implementation

3.  Adding Customers and Items


  1. Customers: Click “Customers” on the dashboard and then “Create a New Customer.” Fill in details like name, contact information, address, currency, and payment terms. Click “Save.
  2. Items: Select “Items” from the dashboard and click “Create Item.” Enter details like item type, name, description, selling price, and tax. Click “Save.”

4.  Creating Invoices


  1. New Invoice: Click “Invoice” on the dashboard and choose “New Invoice” or “New Recurring Invoice” (for repeated billing). You can also create credit notes here.
  2. Customize Invoice: Set preferences like discounts, taxes, adjustments, and shipping charges. Click “Save and Continue.”
  3. Customer and Invoice Details: Select a customer, then enter details like invoice number, order number, date, terms, subject, etc.
  4. Add Items: Choose items and specify quantities. Use “Add another line” for additional items.
  5. Finalize Invoice: Add notes, terms and conditions, and upload any files. Choose to email the invoice and click “Save and Send.”
  6. Customization: Use the “Customize” button to modify the template, edit the template, or update your logo and address.
  7. Sending and Management: Send the invoice as a PDF via email or mark it for further action. Recurring invoices allow you to set repetition and termination schedules.

5.  Creating Estimates


  1. New Estimate: Click the “+” sign near the dashboard and select “Estimates.”
  2. Customer Selection: Choose a customer for the estimate.
  3. Estimate Details: Enter the estimate name, reference number, and period.
  4. Project and Billing: Add project details and select a billing method.
  5. Add Items: Choose items and quantities. Click “Save and Send.”
  6. Converting to Invoice: Use the option on top of the estimate to convert it into a full invoice.

6.  Managing Expenses and Time


  1. Record Expenses: Choose “Expenses” from the dashboard or “Record Expenses” under “Purchases” in the “+” menu.
  2. Expense Details: Add category, date, amount, customer name (optional), and attach receipts. Click “Save.”
  3. Recurring Expenses: Set up recurring expenses by specifying frequency, scheduling, amount, currency, and tax.
  4. Log Time: Click “Log Time” from the “+” menu. Enter project name, task name, time spent, and click “Save” or “START TIMER” to track time as you work.


Zoho CRM Services


When Zoho Invoice meets Zoho CRM Services


Zoho Invoice and Zoho CRM can be allies that have great power, streamlining your invoicing process and keeping your customer data organized.

Let’s take a stroll through how Zoho Invoice module can be leveraged along with Zoho CRM Implementation.


1.   Prerequisites:


  • Ensure your Zoho CRM subscription is Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to access the Zoho Invoice module.
  • Set up the Zoho Invoice-CRM integration following the instructions here.

2.   Zoho Invoice with Zoho CRM Services: Accessing:


  1. The top right corner of Zoho CRM has a gear icon. Choose it to access settings.
  2. Choose “Setup” > “Zoho” (under Extensions & APIs).
  3. Click “Continue” below the Zoho Finance Suite module.
  4. On the next page, click “Edit” beside “Finance Modules.”
  5. Enable “Invoice and Quote” using the checkbox and click “Save.”

3.   Creating Quotes in Zoho CRM:


Two options to create quotes:

  1. From Zoho Invoice: Click ‘Zoho Invoice’ in the top right corner, then ‘Quotes’ and ‘+’.”.
  2. From Accounts or Contacts: Start your quote by finding an account or contact. In the Zoho Invoice section, simply click the ‘+ New Quote’ button.

a) Creating the Quote:


The Zoho CRM quote creation page mirrors the one in Zoho Invoice. Information is fetched from your Zoho Invoice account.

  1. Quote Owner: Select a CRM user from the dropdown.
  2. Account Name: Click “Search” and choose an account from the popup window.
  3. Quote Number: This is automatically generated based on your Zoho Invoice settings.
  4. Reference Number: Enter a reference number if needed.
  5. Quote Date: Enter the quote date (defaults to the current date) and set expiry date
  6. Items and Charges: Select items from your Zoho Invoice account using the dropdown. Add discounts, shipping charges, or adjustments if applicable.
  7. Customer Notes: Leave a message for your customer (optional). This field will populate with any notes from Zoho Invoice, if available.
  8. Terms & Conditions: Include your organization’s terms and conditions (optional). This field will populate with any terms from Zoho Invoice, if available.

Click “Save” to save the quote as a draft. It will also be available in your Zoho Invoice account.

Since both platforms are connected, you can easily select relevant data from Zoho Invoice without manually re-entering information. This saves you time and ensures accuracy.

b)  Converting a Quote to an Invoice:


  1. Click on the desired quote.
  2. Click the “Convert” button at the top of the quote window and select “Invoice.”
  3. You will be directed to a new invoice form with details pre-filled from the quote.

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You have now brushed up your knowledge on how to manage customers, items, and craft invoices and estimates with ease. And not to forget, discovering the true strength of Zoho Invoice through its integration with Zoho CRM.

Extensive numbers of Zoho Invoice users across the world have experienced the same ease and efficiency with:

  • Effortless management of customers and items.
  • Creation and customization of invoices in minutes.
  • Efficient overdue payments with automated reminders.
  • Tracking of expenses and log time for accurate financial insights.

The intuitive interface makes it perfect for anyone! Doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a larger team; as long as your goal is to achieve effortless invoicing success.


Why wait to join the rich league of users who trust Zoho Invoice to simplify their invoicing process?

Get started with your Zoho Invoice account today with absolutely zero payment!


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