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Choosing The Right Zoho Suite: A Guide To Differentiating Between CRM, CRM Plus and Zoho One

You clutch your coffee mug, fuzzy and bleary-headed. The never-ending spreadsheet mocks you with its rows and rows of data glaring seemingly. Client names, project details, follow-up notes…! It’s a tangled mess threatening to swallow you whole. The fear of losing control amidst the excitement of scaling creeps in.

Is there a way to manage business growth effectively, empower your team, and maintain a clear vision as your business expands?

Yes there is – and the answer is Zoho CRM!

Zoho CRM is your trusty weapon in the fight of agency dominance: The one that streamlines client management, eliminates communication chaos, creates seamless workflows, and empowers your team to deliver projects like clockwork. It’s the stabilizing force you need to tackle the inefficiencies and secure your agency’s victory.

But here is a riddle: which Zoho plan do you need?

The Zoho CRM implementation is an ultimate tool kit packed with problem solving features and suites that might feel overwhelming. Each boasting your business with superpowers. But which one is your ultimate champion?

This blog is going to be your ultimate actionable solution for most complicated and frustrating business problems. Here, we will be uncovering the Zoho CRM beast –  Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus and Zoho One!

We’ll crack the code on each Zoho CRM plan, dissecting its features and uncovering the hidden gems. By the end of this epic read, you’ll be driving the perfect Zoho CRM weapon to slay client chaos, streamline operations, and dominate the agency battlefield!

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Zoho CRM: The Command Center

With 100 millions users worldwide, Zoho CRM sits at the top of online sales CRM software. From managing sales processes and qualifying leads to nurturing strong customer relationships and a variety of other functionalities – Zoho CRM is a one-stop shop to empower businesses. 

Features: Zoho CRM:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Contact Management
  • Product Customization
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Prediction & Artificial Intelligence
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Reports
  • Third-Party Integration

Zoho CRM is more than just a mere contact list. Rather, it is the central nervous system of your business, the humming engine that connects your team, strengthens customer relationships, and fuels growth.

Zoho CRM Plus Services

Zoho CRM Plus: Growth Engine with Enhanced Features

The word Zoho CRM plus has the ‘plus’ in the name for a reason. Zoho CRM Plus services include all the core CRM features PLUS additional functionalities like social media management, project management, and even inventory management.  It isn’t just a platform but a customer revolution that unifies all your customer touchpoints,

From the initial spark of interest to loyal brand advocacy, this unified customer experience platform is designed to deliver exceptional experience to every customer across all stages of their lifecycle.

Businesses aiming to upgrade their Zoho CRM experience, Zoho CRM Plus services inject a powerful source of additional features to enhance communication, collaboration, marketing, and customer support – helping you provide a higher level of service, keeping all your customer touchpoints seamlessly connected.

Features: Zoho CRM Plus:

  • Omnichannel Engagement
  • 360 – Degree Customer View
  • Advanced Sales Sequence and Automation
  • Powerful Web Analytics
  • Social Media Listening and Engagement
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Real-Time Performance Dashboard
  • Marketing, Email Campaign Management, Social Media Interaction Control
  • Conversational AI Zia
  • Integrated Verbal Exchange Portal like Phonebridge, SalesIQ
  • Territory Management

Think of Zoho CRM Plus services as a multi toolkit for ambitious agencies. It retains the core strength of Zoho CRM while enhancing the dose of powerful features.

Zoho One: All-Encompassing Powerhouse

Zoho One is a one-stop shop for businesses seeking to streamline solutions. Zoho One integration can revolutionize your business operations with over 35+ integrated web applications and equally comparable mobile apps in one account, with complete administrative manipulation. From sales to marketing, customer service, finance, recruiting, human resources, and more – with Zoho One integrations, you get everything to grow your team, market your business, and communicate with teammates and customers from one unified platform. It is the CRM option for companies that know the essence of software investments.

Zoho One Integration

Features: Zoho CRM Plus

  • Task Management and Scheduling
  • Marketing Automation
  • Robust Accounting
  • Project Management, Collaboration, and Tracking
  • Autopilot Autopilot
  • Customizable Dashboard With Real-Time Performance Metrics
  • Workflow Management
  • Employee Management
  • Training Management
  • Real-Time Communication and Collaboration
  • Conversational AI Assistant Zia AI
  • Extensive Third-Party Integrations

Understanding Your Business CRM Needs

To make your CRM fit your operations, goals, and structure like a glove – you need to understand your business goals first. This is how you should look at it:

      I.            Core CRM vs Additional Feature
  • Does your business crave the core functionalities of a CRM – nurturing leads and pipelines, scheduling, or building stronger customer relationships? Or,
  • Your business demands an integrated platform for a comprehensive customer experience – requiring features like social listening, inventory management, and project management?
   II.            Unified Suite Vs. Individual Apps
  • Do you want a unified suit to cover all aspects of your business operations – including CRM, finance, human resources, accounts, marketing, operations, and more? Or,
  • Do you need a central platform to manage your entire business? (ZohoOne ) or a separate CRM functionality would suffice?
III.            Number of Users
  • How many people in your agency business need access to Zoho CRM?
IV.            Future Growth Potential
  • Are you thinking of scaling your business in the next few years?
   V.            Cost Consideration
  • Are you looking for an affordable CRM option to manage your start-up business? Or,
  • Do you want a CRM that offers an integrated suite, saving you from incurring additional subscriptions on different other tools along with customization features? Or,
  • Cost doesn’t matter to you as much as flexibility, efficiency, and productivity, and you consider your CRM as a major ladder (investment) in your business’s future growth.

Choosing Your Zoho CRM Champion: The Ultimate Face-Off

Each Zoho tool boasts superpowers, but which one is your ultimate champion? Let’s take a quick look at their features:

FeaturesZoho CRMZoho CRM PlusZoho One
Core CRM FunctionalitiesYesYesYes
Scalability and FlexibilityCan choose and subscribe to specific applicationsOffers scalability with integrated marketing automation and advanced analyticsComprehensive unified suite that includes all Zoho applications 
Sales AutomationYesYes (Enhanced)Yes (Enhanced)
Workflow AutomationBasicAdvancedAdvanced
Social ListeningLimitedYesYes
Inventory ManagementNoYesYes
Project ManagementNoYesYes
Marketing AutomationNoLimitedYes (Powerful Suite)
Analytics and ReportingBasic performance reportsMulti-layered reports, AI powered insightsComprehensive analytics functionalities with additional analytics tool
IntegrationsYes (Limited)ExtensiveExtensive ( Seamless integration and promoting collaboration)
Zia AILimitedYesYes
Finance ManagementNoNoYes (Integrated Zoho Books)
Customer Service and SupportBasic customer support with ticketing and case managementMulti channel support across email, phone, chat and social mediaRobust customer support functionalities along with additional customer support tool
User LimitsPer PlanPer PlanFlexible
CostBudget-friendly option with various subscription plansCostlier than Zoho CRM but its integrated suit eliminates the need of separate  subscriptionsMost expensive. Offers bundle pricing models with potential savings.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget that Zoho offers free trials for each plan. Take advantage of this test drive of the features and then decide which one suits your workflow.

It’s Decision Time!

With Zoho CRM, the battlefield is massive, brimming with powerful weapons (Zoho CRMs) awaiting to be harnessed. You’ve analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon (tool)–Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus, and Zoho One. Now- and it’s now time to take action!

  • If core functionalities are your jam – Zoho CRM is your champion. Sharp, efficient, and perfect for tackling the essentials.
  • Need additional features and flexibility? Zoho CRM Plus services can be a game changer!
  • Still hungry for more? Zoho One integration is the ultimate all-you-can-eat buffet of Zoho applications, offering you a unified suite for scalable growth!

Remember, the right Zoho plan is the one that emperors your business, caters to the unique needs of your industry, and significantly impacts your business efficiency and success. Need help with Zoho CRM implementation? Get in touch with us!

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