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Be in Control of Your Workflow: Re-Ordering Custom Buttons in Zoho CRM Layouts

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Aaahh the good ol' days!! Customer service was accepted to be just putting them on hold for an eternity and offering a selection of elevator music.But unfortunately, those days are as extinct as a Dodo! Today's customers are impatient and want everything with ease. Price isn't everything anymore. In this age of instant gratification, it's all about Customer Experience. Only 19% of customers are still easy going with not getting personalized experience.

Is your current CRM software leaving your customers feeling more lost than a tourist in a mirror maze?

That is where Zoho comes in. Zoho’s custom CRM creates experiences so gratifying and personalized by tailoring it to your business needs, workflow, and internal processes, that your customers are tickled pink.

So you don’t have to wonder why Zoho CRM has been recognized as the Best CRM Software this year.

Continue reading to find out how you can create and re-order custom buttons in your Zoho CRM.

Custom Buttons: Basics

Buttons might look plain and simple, but they are the bosses of getting things done in Zoho CRM, guiding users to take actions you set up beforehand.


  1. Clear Text: The easy-to-understand names like mini-instructions that you give your buttons will tell users what clicking them does.

  2. Pick a Shape: Round or rectangle? It’s up to you! But make them big enough to not be missed.

  3. Color it In: Pick colors that match your overall theme and use bright ones for buttons you really want users to see.

  4. Panel Power: A bunch of stuff already filling your screen? Zoho CRM lets you put buttons in boxes to draw user attention to them.


Action Stations: Zoho CRM lets you pick pre-made actions for your buttons like shortcuts. Buttons can open websites, forms, reports, or even other Zoho CRM pages. Also, you can link them to special things you have built yourself in Zoho Creator, giving you even more control.

Adding Buttons to Your Zoho CRM Pages

Here is a step-by-step guide which will help you add your own button:

1. Get Editing:
Start by editing the app you want to modify.

2. Find Your Page:

Look for the accordion menu in the top left corner. It shows a list of your app’s pages.

Or, you can find the page you want in the preview window in the middle of the screen.

Clicking either option will take you to the page’s Design view.

3. Choose Your Device:

Zoho CRM lets you design for different devices (desktop, mobile, etc.). Click the device icon to choose the one you want to work on.

4. Open the Page Builder:

Click Open Page Builder in the middle of the screen.

5. Button Up!

In the Page Elements menu on the left side of the screen, click the Button option.

A menu will pop up with different button styles.

6. Drop and Customize:

Drag and drop the button type you like from the menu onto the page builder window.

7. Configure Your Button:

Now that your button is in place, it’s time to customize it!

 Give your button a clear name that tells users what happens when they click it (like “Submit Report” or “Close Form”).

 Choose what the button does when clicked. You can link it to another page, form, report, or even a special action you create.

 Change its color, size, and font to match your overall design.

8. All Set!

Zoho CRM automatically saves any changes you make, so you don’t need to hit a separate “save” button.

Custom Buttons for Reports in Zoho Creator

You will have numerous reasons to add and customize buttons on reports. Let us guide you through it:

1.Where to Add Buttons:

You can add buttons to two main sections of your reports:


Quick View: The initial summary view of your data. Buttons can be displayed as:

    •  Columns: Alongside your data for quick access.
    • Actions: As a menu when you right-click a single record or select multiple records.

Detailed View: Provides a deeper look at each record. Buttons can be displayed as:

    • Layout: These appear directly on the detailed view page.
    • Actions: These appear as a menu at the top of the detailed view.


2.Adding Buttons:

Open the Report Editor: Locate the report you want to modify and open its editor.

Choose Your View: Decide if you want to add the button to the Quick View or Detailed View.

Layout vs. Actions: Here’s how to add buttons to each location:


In the editor, select the appropriate view (Quick View or Detailed View).

  • Click “Add field.”


    • Choose “Button” from the field options (or select an existing button).




In the editor, select the appropriate view (Quick View or Detailed View).

  • Click on the “Configure Fields for Web” option.
  • Locate the “Actions” section and choose “Add Custom Action.”
    • You can add action for a ‘single record’, ‘right click of a record’ or ‘for multiple records.’

3.Customizing Your Button:


Time to personalize!

    1. Name Your Button: Give it a clear and concise name that tells users what it does (e.g., “Edit Record,” “Send Confirmation”).
      Run your own custom Deluge script (for advanced users).
    2. Action on Click: Choose what happens when someone clicks the button. You can:
            • Open another page (form, report, etc.) in Zoho CRM.


            • Run a custom function you have created.


            • Trigger a notification (SMS, email).


            • Update data in your CRM.


            • Integrate with other apps.


Conditions (Optional): You can set conditions to control when the button appears (e.g., only for specific users or data values).


Confirmation Message (Optional): Add a message to confirm the user’s action before proceeding.


4. Finishing Touches:

  1. Save Your Work: Once you’re happy with your button configuration, click “Update,” “Exit,” and  to save your changes.

  2. Create the Report: Click “Create” to finalize your report with the new button.

  3. Buttons created can be moved anywhere in the layout to re-order.

  4. The buttons can be reopened once it’s closed upon condition.


Bonus Tip*:

    Button Placement
: For Detailed View, it is recommended to add buttons in                                            the layout rather than actions for better accessibility.



The possibilities are endless! Go forth and create buttons that fine-tune your Zoho CRM reports and streamline user workflows.

Customizing Zoho CRM Modules

Zoho CRM Modules allow you to categorize and track various aspects of your business including Sales, Marketing, Customers, Products, and Meetings.

Zoho CRM offers pre-built modules ( representing Leads, Deals, etc.) and also help you create custom modules (for Students, Teachers) to perfectly fit your business needs.

These custom modules integrate seamlessly with standard features and offer functionalities like data import, access control, and workflows.

How to customize Zoho CRM modules?

  1. Name your module.

  2. Add fields: Drag and drop the information you want to track from the “New Fields” area onto your module layout, and “Save Layout.

  3. Edit fields: Click the “Settings” icon to change the properties of a field or set permissions for who can see it. You can also remove unwanted fields with the trash icon.

  4. Organize your layout: Drag and drop sections to rearrange them or switch between one and two-column layouts for better organization, and Save.

  5. Manage permissions: Set which user profiles can access the module and its fields.

  6. Preview your work: See how your module looks for different user profiles before finalizing it, and finally “Save Layout“.


We hope that with this insightful blog you have learned the finer aspects of building your custom button with Zoho. If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial or a quick how-to video related to Zoho Creator, we have plenty of them for you. Ready to achieve greater profit, better reputation, more recommendations, and high-quality connections with your users with the Best CRM Software? Get Started with a free 15-day trial!!

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