Zoho CRM: A Detailed Overview of the Free Version 

Zoho CRM Integration has emerged as a robust and versatile solution for businesses of all sizes. According to recent industry statistics, CRM usage has increased by 74% over the past decade, underlining these platforms’ critical role in modern business strategies. Zoho CRM, in particular, offers a Free Version that serves as an excellent entry point… Continue reading Zoho CRM: A Detailed Overview of the Free Version 

JTB India

“From Scattered Leads to Streamlined Sales : JTB India Leverages ZOHO CRM Plus for Growth” Introduction to the client JTB India, a prominent player in the travel industry, faced intricate challenges related to lead and sales process management, prompting the need for a comprehensive solution. Business Challenges Prior to the implementation of Zoho CRM Plus,… Continue reading JTB India


Taletel LLP : “Scaling Up & Streamlining Operations with Absoft’s Cloud Expertise “ Introduction to the client Taletel LLP, a new entrant in the business landscape, sought Absoft’s expertise to establish a comprehensive cloud-based system for managing their sales, operations, and accounting. Business Challenges Facing the challenges of setting up a new business, Taletel LLP… Continue reading Taletel

Streamlining HR Processes with HRMS Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

Streamlining HR Processes with HRMS Automation: A Comprehensive Guide While several underestimate the Human Resources Department having the least amount of work in the organisation, theirs is the work that demands efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making skills. All of these have been an extensive task for them all this while, with the launch of Human… Continue reading Streamlining HR Processes with HRMS Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

The Power of Content Management Systems (CMS) in Website Development 

The Power of Content Management Systems (CMS) in Website Development In this digital era, having an online presence is no longer a choice whether you should or shouldn’t take the plunge, but a necessity—the reason being the need to be a part of the race. To put forward your brand in all its glory, it’s… Continue reading The Power of Content Management Systems (CMS) in Website Development 

Lingel Windows

Lingel Windows : “Revolutionizing Lead Management: How Zoho CRM Transformed Lingel Windows’ Operations” Introduction to the client Lingel Windows, a distinguished player in the glass and windowsmanufacturing industry, prioritizes innovation and quality in its products. Focused on delivering excellence, Lingel Windows faced challenges in its manual lead management process, heavily relianton a single person for… Continue reading Lingel Windows

Commerce V3

Commerce v3 :”Unifying Efficiency: How Zoho One Revolutionized Commerce V3’s Multifaceted Operations” Introduction to the client Commerce V3, a distinguished Software as a Service (SaaS) company, approached Absoft seeking a strategic solution to overcome operational challenges arising fromthe use of multiple applications. Business Challenges Commerce V3 faced a critical challenge characterized by the dependence on… Continue reading Commerce V3

Cadient Talent

Cadient Talent : “Unified Efficiency: How Zoho One Streamlined Cadient Talent’s Multifaceted Operations” Introduction to the client Cadient Talent, a prominent Recruitment & Staffing Company, enlisted Absoft’s expertise to navigate challenges stemming from the fragmentation of their business operations across multiple applications. Business Challenges Cadient Talent faced significant challenges due to the use of multiple… Continue reading Cadient Talent

Content Euphoria

Content Euphoria : “From Word Symphony to Business Harmony with Zoho One “ Introduction to the client Content Euphoria transforms words into a symphony of creativityand success. Led by founder Sundeep Mehra, a visionary storyteller,and social reformer, their mission is to enhance lives throughmeaningful content. With a global network of freelance creators,they offer a unique… Continue reading Content Euphoria

Infinita Labs

Infinita labs : “Streamline Materials Testing with Zoho One: How a Unified Platform Transformed a Growing Testing Lab.” Introduction to the client In the dynamic realm of materials testing, Infinita Lab has emerged as a trusted marketplace connecting testing labs and consultants with brands, specializing in material inspection, certification, performance testing, and failure root cause… Continue reading Infinita Labs