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If your business uses appointments and calendars, Zoho bookings can make things much easier. The application effortlessly synchronizes all your booking-related software so your customers have a smooth booking experience while you get more business.

In this mini-guide, we will take you through the process of the features of Zoho bookings and how they can change the game for your business.

Track Everything in One Place

Zoho Bookings is a comprehensive appointment managing platform that brings all your scheduling to one place. It uses a modern interface that lets customers make appointments without any stress. The system is easy to use and makes time management feel like a walk in the park.

The application automatically synchronizes the calendars daily, so everyone is on the same page.

Smooth Integrations

These days, applications function the best when they are a practical part of a cohesive ecosystem. This is why the developers at Zoho have made it possible to integrate the system with calendars and video conferencing applications like Zoom.

Everything gets integrated without any trouble, so you get exactly what you want – efficient time management without the fluff of handling multiple apps.

Advanced Features

It is not just about the availability and bookings. The features in Zoho Bookings go beyond the usual to give users a rich and robust experience. For starters, 'My Profile' lets you update your bio and set working and special working hours, while the 'Customers' tab shows you if a customer is registered with your company or booked as a guest user.

The 'Reports' feature helps get detailed worksheets around the number of appointments made, revenue generated, and staff availability. These reports are helpful for revenue analysis, future projections, and business planning.

Set-Up Procedure

Setting Zoho bookings the right way is crucial for success. Although the process is easy to implement, here are a few key things to consider:

1. Resources – Businesses rely on resources, and these are connected to services. As soon as a resource is created, you should link it with a suitable service to get the ball rolling

2. Services – What are the services that your business provides? For instance, a car wash is about cleaning cars and related services.

3. Service Type – The booking system offers three categories of services to choose from –on-one, resource, and group booking. Choose the right kind based on the.

4. The business model you have and the services you offer. For instance, a tutor who teaches multiple students in a single batch should select the group booking service.

5. Payment Gateway – Once a customer wants to buy your service, the payment gateway connects their bank and yours. Integrating an active payment gateway is one of the most crucial parts of the entire procedure.

Once you complete the profile, add service details and payment gateway, Zoho bookings start running on auto-pilot and support your business.

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