8 Ways Zoho CRM Grew In 2024

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Zoho CRM is an operating system that is trending in 2022. This is about the fact that it grew rapidly in 2021. Zoho CRM set the year 2021 as the year of change. It is critical for both those who are just starting and those who are well-established. Zoho CRM is a platform that enables the company to interact well with its customers. This is done through automation of workflow, instant customer support services, and the ability to interact well with the needs of the customer. In 2021, Zoho CRM experienced very significant growth in various areas. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail how the Zoho CRM grew in 2021.

1. There were more than 1000 extensions installed every working day.

Zoho CRM saw tremendous growth in the year 2021. Zoho CRM created the possibility of working well with other applications and other operating systems. This was possible through the use of the Zoho CRM extensions. The applications that were put into extensions with the Zoho CRM include Zoho projects, Zoho signs, and others. This is a growth never seen in the previous years. Making Zoho CRM grow rapidly. More than 1000 extensions is a very big number for the success of any platform.

2. The Zoho CRM users grew up to more than 250,000.

Zoho CRM's growth has been sluggish in recent years. But 2021 changed everyone's view of the platform. The operating system had a miraculous growth that had never been encountered before. The number of users increased from 100,000 users to a record number of more than 250,000. Isn’t that something to cherish? It showed that many businesses have realized how important Zoho CRM is to their growth. Some reviews proved that the leads of these companies increased, therefore increasing their sales.

3. The extensions that were installed on the Zoho CRM platform were free of charge.

Some applications and platforms do not allow third-party extensions for free. But in 2021, the Zoho CRM platform will allow more than 1,000 extensions on their platform. This was received as good news since users were now able to partner with many other operating systems and applications. This helped the business in terms of accessibility and having the ability to use different systems at once. It also increased business productivity. Because Zoho CRM's features are expanding at such a rapid pace, we may see the possibility of extensions being charged in the future.

4. The Zoho CRM platform was visited more than 1.2 million in 2021.

There were more visits to the Zoho CRM as compared to the previous years. The visits grew from less than one million to 1.32 million visits in 2021. This is a good indicator that the Zoho CRM value has increased. The compelling factor might be that the users wanted to know more about the Zoho CRM. It might also be because they wanted to feel the benefit that comes with the use of the Zoho CRM platform. This change was felt by the Zoho service authorized partners because their work increased.

5. There was the integration of Zoho CRM with Business WhatsApp.

The Zoho CRM was integrated with Whatsapp Business. It enabled the business teams including the sales team, marketing team, and customer relationship team to handle business success messages with efficiency. This is something that had not been experienced before. They were able also to automate the repetitive messages, automate the conversations, create reports and send automated campaigns. This saw a recommendable growth in the business since the employees' and customer needs were satisfied accordingly.

6. Bookings for Zoho CRM with Zoho Bookings.

The last year 2021, came with a new interesting feature. The Zoho CRM collaborated comfortably with the Zoho bookings. These allowed users to reschedule, schedule, and cancel the appointments. It also enabled the users to invite their staff to make their schedules and get access to the calendar. Furthermore, the integration of Zoho CRM and Zoho bookings allowed the users to book rooms, meetings, and even classes. They could allow access to view the client maintenance and appointment history by only using the Zoho CRM platform. This resulted in increased customer needs satisfaction and sealed their customer loyalty.

7. Zoho CRM welcomed more than 670,000 new business users.

In 2021, Zoho CRM achieved the absorption of new business users onto the platform. This was made possible by the fact that those who had used the Zoho CRM were leading in the competition. The companies and businesses that had received the Zoho CRM from authorized Zoho partners in Coram, USA, increased their productivity. 670,000 new users are amongst a large number of users to be attained on the Zoho CRM platform. It had not reached that position before. As a result, Zoho demonstrated significant growth. the year might be another one where we are going to see even more new business users joining Zoho CRM to grow their business and increase their work productivity.

8. Workflow enhancement for calls.

When the calls are configured with the workflow rules, there will be options attended for when the calls are either incoming or outgoing. It is only when the telephony provider integrates with Zoho CRM that you will trigger the calls. This shows that 2021 had something meaningful since the Zoho CRM integrated well with the calls to make it automated. The workflow became quality and improved hence making the companies and businesses grow.

Conclusions and recommendations

From the integrations with other applications and platforms to the increased number of Zoho CRM users, this has shown us that the Zoho CRM is a platform that is important to implement and use now. In the coming years, it might be possible that the extensions will be paid for. We have also seen that the Zoho CRM is also able to automate and customize your business. It is your authority and decision to implement the Zoho CRM in your company. Visit the best Zoho Authorized Partners in Coram, New York, USA. This is the Absoft IT Solution that provides you with professional Zoho services.

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