Lingel Windows : "Revolutionizing Lead Management: How Zoho CRM Transformed Lingel Windows' Operations"

Introduction to the client

Lingel Windows, a distinguished player in the glass and windows
manufacturing industry, prioritizes innovation and quality in its products. Focused on delivering excellence, Lingel Windows faced challenges in its manual lead management process, heavily reliant
on a single person for lead distribution via email.

Business Challenges

The primary challenge for Lingel Windows was the manual nature of their lead management process, creating dependency on a singular individual for lead distribution among the team.

Product Used
Zoho One
No. of users
Implementation Duration
1 month

Absoft, in a one-month collaboration with Lingel Windows, implemented Zoho CRM to address their lead management challenges. This integration centralized the lead management process, transitioning the entire workflow from lead inception to quotation and quote revisions onto the Zoho platform.

  1. Centralized Workflow: Integration centralized the entire lead management process.
  2. Workflow Transition: Shifted from manual lead management to a streamlined process within the Zoho platform.
  3. End-to-End Coverage: The workflow transition spans from lead inception to quotation and quote revisions.
  4. Seamless Integration: Every aspect of the workflow seamlessly operates within the Zoho CRM framework.
  5. Operational Efficiency: Enhancements in operational efficiency observed through the streamlined workflow.
  6. Comprehensive Solution: Zoho CRM provides Lingel Windows with a unified platform for managing leads and data.
Transformation Results

The implementation of Zoho CRM brought about transformative results for Lingel Windows. The shift from manual lead management to an automated system empowered the team to efficiently manage leads and data in one centralized location. This streamlined approach enhanced operational efficiency and cohesion within the organization, marking a significant positive change for Lingel Windows.

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