From Scattered Leads to Streamlined Sales : JTB India Leverages ZOHO CRM Plus for Growth

Introduction to the client

JTB India, a prominent player in the travel industry, faced intricate challenges related to lead and sales process management, prompting the need for a comprehensive solution.

Business Challenges

Prior to the implementation of Zoho CRM Plus, JTB India grappled with the absence of a dedicated tool for lead and sales management. This led to inefficiencies in tracking and nurturing leads, resulting in a disjointed sales process. The manual nature of their existing system hindered effective collaboration among team members, causing delays in responding to leads and potentially missing out on valuable business opportunities. Additionally, the absence of analytical tools made it challenging for JTB India to extract meaningful insights from their data, hindering strategic decision-making. The lack of a robust campaign management tool further impeded their ability to orchestrate targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

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Zoho CRM Plus
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Implementation Duration

To address the multifaceted challenges, Absoft formulated a strategic plan centered around the implementation of Zoho CRM Plus. This comprehensive suite includes Zoho CRM for streamlined lead and sales management, Zoho Analytics for data analysis, and Zoho Campaign for effective marketing campaign management.

The ongoing implementation is focused on tailoring the platform to the specific needs of JTB India, ensuring a seamless integration that aligns with their unique business processes and objectives:


  • Zoho CRM Plus Integration: Seamless integration to provide a unified platform for enhanced lead and sales management.
  • Zoho CRM Implementation: Establishment of a robust customer relationship management system tailored to JTB India’s needs.
  • Analytics Utilization: Leveraging Zoho Analytics for insightful data analysis, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Campaign Management: Implementation of Zoho Campaign to orchestrate effective marketing campaigns and enhance customer engagement.
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Transformation Results

The ongoing implementation has already demonstrated positive outcomes for JTB India, addressing their intricate challenges and positioning them for enhanced efficiency and success. Absoft’s strategic approach to implementing Zoho CRM Plus has not only addressed JTB India’s intricate challenges but has set the stage for sustained efficiency, collaboration, and success in the dynamic travel industry landscape.

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