Infinita labs : "Streamline Materials Testing with Zoho One: How a Unified Platform Transformed a Growing Testing Lab."

Introduction to the client

In the dynamic realm of materials testing, Infinita Lab has emerged as a trusted marketplace connecting testing labs and consultants with brands, specializing in material inspection, certification, performance testing, and failure root cause analysis. Positioned as the “testing partner of top labs in the USA,” Infinita Lab faced the challenge of managing complex operations and expanding business opportunities while grappling with disparate applications and legacy systems. Infinita Lab’s expertise lies in providing a marketplace for materials testing labs and consultants, offering solutions for material inspection, certification, performance testing, and failure root cause analysis. As their business soared to become the preferred testing partner for top labs in the USA, the complexities of their operations increased Zoho Apps implementation to establish a unified and efficient system for their expanding business.

Business Challenges

The team at Infinita Lab grappled with a mix of legacy tools and various applications like MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, and Outlook to manage leads, create and send quotes, handle invoices, and collaborate across sales. This approach resulted in a slow, inefficient, and error-prone process, leading to a lack of clarity in the sales pipeline and decreased overall productivity. Absoft’s challenge was to streamline and enhance its sales and support operations. 

Product used
Implementation Infinita labs

Absoft with Zoho Apps Integration, introduced a system that revolutionized their workflow.

  • Lead Management: Directly Creating Leads in ZOHO CRM from website Inquiries.
  • SalesIQ and Chatbot Integration : Implementated SalesIQ and developed a chatbot for enhanced customer interaction
  • Workflow Automation : Implemented workflows to convert leads into Contact,Account, & Deal in Zoho CRM.
  • Assignment Rules : Manual Assignment of deals to relevant users in Zoho CRM . 
  • Zoho Books Integration : Connected Zoho Books with Zoho CRM for seamless estimates and invoice creation. 
  • Automation and Communication : Automated email and SMS at each stage of the sales process ; integrated RingCentral for Telephony and SMS . 
  • Analytics and Reporting : Implemented Zoho Analytics for comprehensive reports and dashboards . 
  • Ongoing Improvement : Continual involvement with stakeholders to meet evolving requirements .
Transformation Results

Absoft successfully transformed Infinita Lab’s complex system into a centralized , organized  and streamlined process. The revamped system facilitated a streamlined sales process with automation , improving visibility into the sales pipeline. The outcome include increased lead generation and sales , faster and error-free data entry , improved monitoring of sales volume fluctuations and enhanced communication flow across the sales and distribution network. As Infinita Lab captures and maximizes its growth potential , Absoft IT Solutions ensures they have a system aligned with their trajectory.

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