Commerce v3 :"Unifying Efficiency: How Zoho One Revolutionized Commerce V3's Multifaceted Operations"

Introduction to the client

Commerce V3, a distinguished Software as a Service (SaaS) company, approached Absoft seeking a strategic solution to overcome operational challenges arising from
the use of multiple applications.

Business Challenges

Commerce V3 faced a critical challenge characterized by the dependence on various applications, resulting in a state of application sprawl. This condition led to heightened complexity and operational inefficiencies within their business processes.

Product Used
Zoho One
No. of users
Implementation Duration
6 months

Absoft executed a holistic migration to Zoho One, consolidating various applications into a unified suite. Key implementations included Zoho CRM, Projects, Sign, Vault, Bookings, and Meetings

  1. Application Migration: Migrated multiple applications into the integrated Zoho One suite
  2. Zoho CRM Implementation: Established an efficient customer relationship management system.
  3.  Unified Project Management: Implemented Zoho Projects for streamlined project execution.
  4. Efficient Document Handling: Leveraged Zoho Sign and Vault for secure document management.
  5. Bookings and Meetings Integration: Enhanced scheduling and collaboration with Zoho Bookings and Meetings.
Transformation Results

Absoft’s six-month collaboration successfully empowered Commerce V3 with a comprehensive Zoho One implementation. The consolidation of applications, coupled with the strategic integration of Zoho CRM, Projects, Sign, Vault, Bookings, and Meetings, positioned
Commerce V3 for a more efficient and streamlined business operation. Commerce V3 witnessed a transformative shift in their operations:

  1. Simplified Workflow: Streamlined operations with a unified suite, reducing application sprawl.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Improved collaboration and efficiency with integrated tools.
  3. Centralized Data Management: Unified customer data and project information for better insights.

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