Cadient Talent : "Unified Efficiency: How Zoho One Streamlined Cadient Talent's Multifaceted Operations"

Introduction to the client

Cadient Talent, a prominent Recruitment & Staffing Company, enlisted Absoft’s expertise to navigate challenges stemming from the fragmentation of their business operations across multiple applications.

Business Challenges

Cadient Talent faced significant challenges due to the use of multiple applications, leading to operational complexities and inefficiencies.

Product used

To address the challenges posed by application fragmentation, Absoft formulated a strategic plan. The primary objective was to consolidate disparate applications into a unified ecosystem. This involved migrating various applications to Zoho One and implementing specific Zoho tools such as CRM, Projects, Sign, Vault, Bookings, and Meetings.

  • Application Consolidation: Absoft initiated a seamless migration, consolidating Cadient Talent’s diverse applications into the integrated Zoho One suite.
  • Zoho CRM Integration: The establishment of an efficient customer relationship management system for streamlined operations.
  • Unified Project Management: Implementation of Zoho Projects to facilitate seamless project execution and collaboration.
  • Secure Document Handling: Leveraging Zoho Sign and Vault to enhance document management security and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Scheduling and Collaboration: Implementation of Zoho Bookings and Meetings for improved coordination and collaboration.
cadient case study
Transformation Results

Absoft’s strategic implementation of Zoho One empowered Cadient Talent with a comprehensive solution. By consolidating applications and strategically integrating Zoho CRM, Projects, Sign, Vault, Bookings, and Meetings, Cadient Talent is well-positioned for sustained efficiency and growth in the competetive landscape of recruitment and staffing.

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